Years of faithful service. kim and Amber have always been able to get us in an emergency need, even if a busy day. They are very professional and knowledgeable in their service. It is always enjoyable to go in for our appointments.
Roger Jones, on Google
I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Amber Layton. She is professional and takes time to know you and to understand your needs through various test methods. She is personable and makes you feel valued. Hearing well is a priority. Customer service is always top notch. Kim sets appointments, gets messages to Amber right away and is warm and friendly. She always has a smile in her voice. If you need to have tests or begin wearing hearing aids, the Green Valley location is the best in service.
Linda Enochs, on Google
I had a hearing test yesterday in Green Valley. It was given by Amber Layton and I was impressed by her knowledge, the way in which explained the results of the test and her enthusiasm in cleaning and repairing my aids.
Amy Ayers, on Google
I have been wearing hearing aids for about 20 years, so I have been helped by a number of excellent hearing aid professionals over the years. But, for the last two years I have been helped by Amber at SoundPoint, and she is the best of all. She is a wizard at fine tuning the aids for my needs, and she really knows her stuff. I recently bought a new top-of-the-line set of aids, and I am very happy with them. I highly recommend Amber and Kim at SoundPoint Green Valley.
Gordon Tans, on Google
my husband Bill is totally deaf in left ear for 60 years & now can "hear" in that ear with hearing aid in right ear sending sound to that ear somehow. Amber is very knowledgeable,caring & pleasant to work with. Kim the receptionist is also great.
Judy Cummings, on Google

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